Instructions for your service


Bed Bug Prep Instructions


do not move or pack anything, do not rearrange beds or living areas. You do not have to throw your belongings away.

make areas accessible to your tech. including beds and areas of known harborage. 

NOTICE: all occupants, including pets, must vacate the unit for 4 hours or until the product is dry each time you are treated.


Roach preparation instructions

KITCHEN: Remove all items from cabinets and cupboards, remove all items from top of fridge and stove

(we have to move these to treat behind them)

Remove everything from counters and sink.

Please clean between stove and counter and counter and fridge as needed

BATHROOM: Remove all items from under the sink and around the toilet.

Living Areas:  If you're having an issue in areas beyond the kitchen or bathroom please make sure those areas are made accessible for your pest control tech.

 NOTICE: all occupants including pets must vacate unit for 4hrs  or until product is dry each time your treated


Covid-19 what to expect

Please note the products we use have to remain on surfaces for ten minutes or until dry. We wipe high touch areas to avoid contact with residual. IE: counters, hand rails, door handles and knobs to name a few. We would ask that these areas remain free of loose debris.

The product will be left to dry on most surfaces, and can cause spotting or discoloration due to surface drying. this is normal and can be cleaned safely at a later date

People and pets may not be allowed to return to treated area for 4 hours or until the product is dry.